Thought Creates Reality…

positvesex107Everything humanity has ever created began with a thought. The place where you live, the clothes that you wear, and the Facebook which these words are allowed to be written on these called notes. Were once only a thought in someone’s mind. Your decision to read this, too began with a thought. Happiness shapes thought…chakra-chart

So thats what I like to think about, such as everything we think is colored by our happiness, or lack there of. Although individual definitions of Happiness vary greatly, we all want to be happy. Early in life, we look for happiness among family, friends, even in Marterials.

Later in life we look for happiness in religion, money, sex, alcohol; Some even through education, while other’s marriage… We all know where we have looked. But truely did we know what we where searching for? Openness Manifests Happiness…

To Be Continued ….


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