Coffee with Grampa …( How It all started For Me )


Something my grandpa believed to this very Day; ” Things might not go your way, and she might hurt you and lie and cheat. But you have to remember only little girls make foolish choices and dumb moves. A Real Woman will fight and believe in you as long as you believe in her . dress

As Long as you fight for her even during the times she is ready to fight you. She might not understand your motives and choice’s. She might not like you at time either boy.me105

Freedom Mercado you can be an arrogant and straight out cold, yet your not perfect and you have a Big Heart, you give your all even when people spit on you and insult you, your still willing to be there for them. But remember when it comes to a real woman, she will be there for you in all ways, along as she knows you have her. As long as you are there for her even when she can’t see it.” I know whats in your blood, it’s always given as much as you can give”. My Grandfather was a beautiful man. I have been through a lot, and then some since I have made a choice to go deeper into this world of Radio and DJing. I’ve always liked doing talk radio and DJing and having someone on my side. Someone special and I believe she is in my life right now. I can’t explain why or how she is the one. But no one effect my anger or smiles like she does.. lol . I can be ready to rip off necks and face’s sadly to say ( Most Marines will have the ability to do that ). And Monet aka The Socialite DJ she will stand up to me and she will push my buttons and so on. When I’m wrong she will let me know and she has done things for me when my own family, flesh and blood abandon me. I have her, How can I not trust her?1424884389539

And Yet sometime I let my fears and hurt of the past to over rule my life. I don’t want to live in the darkness, she is soo beautiful inside. She is powerful as well not allowing me to see hurt, and sometimes she lashes out on me. I will take it and keep her safe and strong for when I fall to my knees she will rise and do what must done. Sounds simple right? Have you ever been in love a strong black woman??? lol She will love you when you least expect it, she will take your lashing of the tongue and smile right back at you give it out in the worst way.woman

She might not say anything, she will suffer hunger just to let you eat, she will do things without your knowledge and say nothing and keep pushing forward. The moment she sense your giving up, she will lack your spirit and she will lose direction. She’s waiting for you to figure it out, sometimes she will never let you know how much she is hurting from lost of her self interest. But if you keep the path and keep pushing and when she is finally giving up, you reach out and say ”I WILL LOVE YOU WHEN YOU CAN’T OR SIMPLY DON’T HAVE NO LOVE TO GIVE BACK” and mean it.. While everyone thinks it over between you to two, and when those who doubted and said all the bullshit. When they think its all over. Watch her sail straight ahead.queenandking

I know I am an asshole and sometimes the biggest prick ever. But I made a promise to Monet aka The Socialite DJ that I would love her and be there for her. That means I have to lead and push, and keep pushing for her. I wont be here for her on this planet one day. But when I’m done with her she will know what it means to be loved completely and then some. She don’t think I don’t trust her, it not her I worry about, its those around her, those who are nothing but wasted air.fem

I will forever be her black night… I made a promise on both sides of the coin. So yeah , I know the possibilities of never having her in my arms or that smile, but at least I kept my word and to those dude’s who are saying they are like this, and understands this means she might not ever touch you again, sleep with you, do anything you want in life . Yet you keep loving her and pushing forward. This isn’t for those women who loves some nigga who is cheating on her, this isn’t for those little girls who are just smoking and chilling with some dude, talk shit and just nothing but fucking around. I’m talking to real men and women who love and share dreams and thoughts. As one person just told me “I don’t have to tell you I’m in pain, sorta like a b-day. Only a few or maybe one person might truly celebrate your birthday.. Some will just because its just an excuse to party… Just imagine a party with nothing but maybe a cake and few friends or just family.1429608037381
No drinks.. No Music.. Who was there who will be there? Yeah you can have a beautiful woman at your side with no money, no house, nothing but a Dream ? I’m blessed to have someone like Monet she is everything and more.. Everyday we fight. I LEARN… and understand a lot more about loving someone completely and being totally open . I will say this, I now who know are plotting and saying so one crap about me and her. I wont make it easy for anyone to rip us apart on any level. It took me a long time to figure things out. Besides the business part.. I get it gramps, Thank You ……

How to Love A Black Woman


When You Love a Black Woman ..You cant come like a Nigga You cant come strong demanding shit .You come correct , Upgrade you Style and Attitude ( remember Im talking about a Black Woman ) Not a ride to die Bitch ,A Black Woman Needs YOU  to come with Wisdom and Understanding, she doesnt need you for Dick she can that anywhere and anytime she wants it.b03b3

As I said Im talking about Loving  A Black Woman.Her smiles lights up the Heavens, Her touch sends unknowing Sensations through the universe. She isnt Gehtto ,Nor  a Hoe , She has made Mistakes ..she has been Mis Used  and lied about. Called many words no Woman should be called.She isnt a Queen .But Has Been Long ago .queen1

But Understand this Her Morther’s Mother’s has Been  before her Was, even some was Worshiped as a Goddess. This is who you Lay with when Giving the opportunity. b07bl6

When you are allowed to Kiss such Sweetness between her Beautful Thighs.Know your kissing perfection ..know your kissing the sweet lips of Royalty. Now The Sciene of Loving the Black Woman.b4

  1. Ask her what she wants from you before you take things to the next level.  Here’s why making love is a grown man’s game; if a woman wants a commitment and you’re not ready for that, move on. (There are plenty of females out there who are willing to play around.) Don’t hang around and lie to a woman just to “get it.” In the end, she’ll hate you and you’ll hate yourself.b7
  2. Earn her trust.  What does earning her trust mean? It means that before you enter her bed, demonstrate that you’re reliable. Keep your word to her. If you fuck up, apologize and atone to restore the trust. If your woman trusts you, she will be uninhibited in bed. Guaranteed.b02
  3. Talk to her often.  If you want sex, send a text. If you want to make love to a Black woman, call her. Pick up the phone and ask, “How was your day?” Your follow-up question should be: “How can I make your day brighter?” If she says flowers will make her day brighter, send them.blackw104
  4. If she says just a few hours of peace will make her day brighter, do something to take a load off her plate.  Your gesture must be genuine; give of yourself and don’t expect anything in return. This will make her fall in love with you.  A woman who is in love with you will be uninhibited in bed. blackw110Guaranteed.blackw101
  5. Curb your tongue. Everyday won’t be filled with butterflies and rainbows. There will be conflict. No matter your rough patch, however, you must never, ever, call a Black woman a degrading name. Do you know how many times a Black woman hears “bitch, ho, slut, thot,” etc., in popular media? Can you imagine how hurtful these words would be for her to hear from a person she loves? Such verbal abuse can kill the soul of a woman. Your Black woman will gradually distrust you, and your lovemaking sessions will eventually morph into passionless sex. blackw105Guaranteed.untitled
  6. Be prepared to please your Black woman. You will have to learn what she likes. Don’t bring another woman’s favorite moves into her bedroom. Taking the time to learn her erogenous zones will prompt her to do the same.

At this stage, your minds, bodies and souls will bond in the bedroom and beyond. Making love when you’re in love is the best thing ever . By FreedomMercado surefuck101


Wasted Paper ?

coffee-grounds1As I tore another sheet of paper out of my crisp yellow note pad, I was asked by a friend about how many sheets of paper I waste. I looked at my friend and I really thought about it. Anyone who knows me, or better yet, anyone who has been given the  chance to have a meeting with me or hang out with me knows that I’m a writer and that I write old school style. Paper, pencil, no pen, nor any of those sissy style whimsy mechanical pencils. I go raw with it, equipt with the original. Ladies and Gents, I have my pencil, pencil sharpener and paper. Oh yeah, having one’s pencil gliding on a crisp sheet of good writing paper. It’s good for the soul. Any true writer of the old ways will agree! But when asked about how much paper I waste? I have to say I think it’s shamelessly a lot of paper. For me, I don’t like to erase a misspelling and I don’t want to. I just simply don’t like a messy paper of erased ideas or thoughts. So I just rip the paper out of my sight. It’s no longer in my vision, nor is it any longer a part of my essense.her103

It’s gone, usually like the women of my one night of passionate adventures.me104

Have a night and then just move on. I love writing as much as I love sex.s101

Why would I want to redo a sexual move or try to restart the date? That’s the same way I feel when writing. Why erase and rewrite the same crap over? Nah, not my bloody sheet of crisp paper. My choice of paper has always been a yellow note pad, but when I’m feeling risky I go for the pink note pad. I believe in waiting and taking my time in thought as to what I’m writing about. The same way I’m with a woman sexually. I take a glimpse at what kind of positioning the woman in front of me is doing. And luckily to say, I’ve had my share of unique positions. Still I’m proud to say that I’m happy with the woman I’m with right now. A woman who gives me the greatest position ever. No position can be better than being accepted as I am. So to answer the question about how many sheets of paper I’ve wasted, my answer is as many as it takes. My thoughts, my pencil, my paper. Good writing Ladies and Gents…


In Thinking…

heart1I seem to be wanting to do things or better yet say things simple today. I dont want to go into such harsh details of why i think my life sucks for the moment. In other words I dont want to simply bitch just to bitch.

I see now that I do have many friends on here and in so ummm i think it’s; time to cam03531see who relates to my sort of  thought process. To a great extent, the people whom I have chossen to associate influence the direction of my life. Which I must thank for all the enlightenment, due to thier thoughts and beliefs. I have become stronger within myself. I think and behave within my boundaries of beliefs. Which to many might think Omg someone save that poor lad! But I have figured out or better see that the key is to fulfilling my potenial without anykind of limitations.fyi103
I know understand me, my desires are the same for me as my will power to move forward. From my sexuality to spirituality. I know now that If i master my beliefs I master my mind.sex106

I have learn so much about myself , espically my weakness. Which is just going off the freaking mouth and ripping whom ever walks into my path. Yet I have learn much from my friends on here, Lecia Smiley Wint, Goddess Trudyann Ewan, JoJo Meadows, Haze Dead Vegas. These are just some of the people who have been through my madness and seen the crazd ass brit going off on the world. Actually Jeannie Engel Paparone is someone new who;her103 i have brought to my world she is making me healther in body. Which makes me more fit in the mind and spirit which makes me stronger in the soul as well. I have lost two really good people on here friends such as Misty Gaddy and Rochell Robbsion, two awesome ladies, and well nothing i can bloody do about it now. I See now the two sides of the coin ,which can be distinct yet inseparable, my live has a physical, tangible dimension and spiritual, which is a intangible one.
For me it is, many might say we differentiate between body and and mind. But logically look deep into it all it’s fundamental level, the Mind, Body, Soul, Heart and Spirit are inseparable. For those who might be shocked to see me writing this, let me simple it for you, if your in need of more than fucking someone, start holding his or hands it’s a bloody start. If your in aqueen101 emotional stats with him or her, make it a physical one, making love to just fucking, you choose. It’s not fair for one to get one while the other isnt geting anything out of it. Women you are really good at doing this to men. lol I know, enough is enough. There need to be a balance. Danielle too sassy figure it out, I don’t want to go over this anymore i love you. I need balance! I always believed one should develop a broad compassion that reaches beyond your surroundings and extends to those you care about. My mother taught me to believe in noble men and women and learn from them. I also believe in wisdom of other’s but when can learn from within i believe one is enlightened. To open ones mind is to simply think of possibilities. So this is where i stand and believe in… This is where I go and move forward. Much love to everyone.